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The first book in the Jotun Chronicles (Frost) just hit seven million reads! In celebration of this, I’m releasing “Flood” tomorrow, as well as showing off the shiny new cover tonight.

You like the shiny? You want to win the shiny?

Okay, I don’t mean THIS cover, but I want to offer two awesome readers the chance to win a custom-made cover!

How to Enter:

1) Follow the blog.

You can do this one ofย three ways. Either hit the facebook “like” button, hit the “notify me of updates” button, or click “send me a newsletter!”

Note: Emails will only be used for notifying people about blog posts (and not very often).

2) Comment.

Comment below and tell me your Wattpad name, your story title, and what you’d like your cover to look like.

This will be a draw, so don’t worry too much about whatย your comment says (flattery never hurts though. Kidding. Mostly.)

3) Optional:

If you’d like a second entry into the “hat” then go follow me on twitter and tweet your wattpad name and story at me. I’ll favourite it to let you know I’ve seen it.

Tweet me.


Contest closesย Tuesday night.



Good luck, my lovely Wattpadders!











31 responses to “Wattpad Cover Reveal Contest

  1. My wattpad name is Aliah_Heard. I’ve been emailing you about this and I think this is so cool. You have an amazing talent and I enjoy your books so much. When I read your books I feel like I’ve entered another world. When I read books I like to feel like I’m inside of it. With your books that actually happens. When I read your books I can see it thought the “victims” eyes. (I didn’t know another word.) I love your ideas your so creative.

  2. Username: FlamingSword123

    Title: The Return of the Dragon Rider

    Cover: A girl wearing Medieval clothing, and a purple dragon on the cover.

  3. Sorry I forgot the name and what i wanted it to look like. The name is supernatural. Could you make it a girl in a supernatural background? (I don’t really know what it would look like hoping you would know) and I would like a girl kind of riding a brown wolf. The girl has like real blue eyes with a hint of gold. Long black hair on a fishtail.(if not just nearly done) and she is wearing a log elegant gown that is glowing. ( ik this is a lot but I thought it would looks kool) if you can do this me and my friends is boulevard of dreams. Is billy Joel from green day with fire works in the background and the title at the bottom. Either one is fine. Your awesome love you

  4. My username is thewindcharmer. My story title is called Beauty, Designer Saga Book One. I would like the cover to be of a beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eyes. I’d like for her to be posing like a model with a close up of her face (sort of like your Flood cover). The background can be any color. Please and thank you.

  5. first off,i LOVE your books. I’d buy them in a heartbeat,no joke. โค I saw some grammatical errors (but i have no room to talk)
    my wattpad name is HarmoniHodges,my book i really would like a cool cover for is called Shifters: Blood of Dragons. i have seven chapters written. what i want the cover to look like is kind of reddish with big, fancy-like letters,and the image could be like,the main girl (preferrably with a crossbow in her hands) with a few people behind her (her team, two guys and another girl) and a dragon. i have a temp cover i made myself,but it's rough. LOVE LOVE LOVE your books,and you're awesome for doing this,no matter who wins.

  6. I don’t really need a cover design, I just want to say that *takes a deep breath* I’M SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THE BOOK! *does funky chicken dance and typical happy dance* I thought it would be something like Air or Earth, since you said that it’d be another element, but now it all makes sense! I mean, ice plus fire is water…and yay, I saw what you did there, all of them start with the letter “F” ! Love the cover and can’t wait to read the book! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Hi Erin! My Wattpad name is AlexandraGeorge. First of all before I even get to my story/cover, I AM BEYOND FRACKING EXCITED FOR FLOOD! I mean look at the shiny cover and everything. I’ve been totally wracking my brains to think what the new power could be and now you’ve revealed it I absolutely cannot wait to read it…I’m all edgy and ready. Look at these hands! They’re twitchy.

    Anyway, cover…book…I think I’d like it if you could do a cover for a story I just started developing called Counterparts. It’s a story set in a future where some people are born with powers that would consume them if left unchecked so they go through a procedure called Splitting to cut/remove part of their soul/essence which is then housed in a robotic counterpart. This limits the power and allows them to live. Originally these ‘Splits’ and their counterparts were warriors – harnessing their gifts in battle – but now they compete in tournaments as teams and have celebrity status. It’s kind of a scifi/fantasy adventure that looks a lot at what it means to be human (with some ass kicking involved).

    There obviously is a lot to it but the bare minimum of the plot is this: we follow Rin and her counterpart, Steele, as they enter the main league of competition and the problems they face there in trying to become the new league champion. For some time Rin has battled with her loss of emotions (which is a side effect of the splitting procedure) and seeing on old friend from her past triggers her split to begin to heal itself. In the process, her counterpart Steele becomes sentient, experiences all of Rin’s old feelings and memories, and she isn’t so keen on the idea that she might be shut down or that she isn’t considered her own person…

    I’m not going to be overly specific about the cover because I really want to see what you come up with! I picture Rin as having darker hair but again…run free with the idea. You might now want to put a girl on the cover! I don’t mind! If you need any additional info (if I win), you know where to find me on wattpad.

    (This is only the second time I’ve told anyone about this story so I get that you might want some blanks filling in?)

  8. Wow cannot wait til Flood comes out ๐Ÿ˜€ Soo happy! Frost was the first book I ever read on wattpad and also what helped get me into writing ๐Ÿ™‚ I adore your books, read them all ๐Ÿ™‚ and also your book covers, if I won one I think I might just have a heart attack; possible as have a heart condition haha xD

    Anyway my username is IseeAnAngel
    Book title: Wisemans Blood
    Description for cover: It’s a bit of a dark fantasy, action book. It has angels in it and the two main angelic characters are Lucifer and Michael. My main character has White hair, violet eyes, pale complexion. He is a thief and has a loyal canine friend (sheepdog). The story also has Excalibur (blue in colour) and Clarent (red in colour) the two swords. I’m not really too fazed how it looks, so long as it has my name J.P.Davies on it and a man ๐Ÿ™‚ (Who’s *cough*fit*cough* if you get my meaning haha)

  9. Username: xxtypicalscorpianxx

    Story: The Spirit Seekers

    What I want: Anything with a girl using fire or a boy using ice or a couple of teenagers standing together all looking like they have powers.

  10. So excited!!! I love the Jotun Series!!! I have a question. How do you decide which books to try and traditionally publish and which ones to put on wattpad?

    • Good question! It’s always an interesting decision for me. I actually had one I was going to post on Wattpad, but I loved the idea so much that I decided to pour a lot more time into it and try to get it published. I guess the Wattpad ones are usually stuff I just think up on a spur of the moment and kind of write as I go. Not sure if that actually answers your question. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ok! That makes sense! It just seems to me that your Wattpad ones are so amazing how could it be that hose are the “spur of the moment”?

  11. Hey I love the juton series!

    So I’m just doing this for fun but if I get chosen then I would like a picture of a seven year old girl with brown hair and silver eyes in a prison cell please!!!!!! And I love the juton series!
    Thanks if I win but again this is just for fun I no how to make my on pics but not good one.

  12. Hello! My username is: AyyCee98
    My story title is: SkyFall
    Cover: I would like an eye-catching cover where the sky is cracking and falling, leaving people below running for their lives. There is a girl with brown hair looking up and watching the sky fall (so her back is to the camera).
    I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do something like this for your fans! It means a lot! I’m excited to read Flood and I also wish for Frost to be published one day!
    Good luck and thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Wow I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! “Frost” is one of my favourite stories and I’m so exited for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My username is musical24 and my story is “Red Flames.”
    I was thinking of two girls and a boy running through a large fire all holding hands, but like, just they’re backs so you don’t see their faces. Or maybe just one girl running through fire. At least, if it’s not to much trouble for you or not to much. Of you have you’re own ideas that’s pretty cool too!!!!!

  14. I have a question. Will you be doing another cover contest in the future? I’m still working on the bugs in my book idea, and I don’t have a clear summary for it, but I love your covers and would love one for my book. I can’t enter this contest so I hope you’ll have another one soon.

  15. Hi!!! My book is called “The Traveling Circus” as for what the title looks like I completely trust your judgement for it.

    Here is a summary:
    Desperate to get away from her uncle and the dust-bowl desert town she grew up in, Avalidia snuck onto a circus train. Little did she know the train wasn’t exactly what she thought it was. The train travels through time, and the circus is insane -asylum level insane. Vampires do trapeze, werewolfs jump through hoops, and fairies are in charge of pyrotechnics. Don’t forget that the security guards are giants, and the ringmaster is a warlock. Oh, and there’s also that anoyingly handsome circus boy… It’s safe to say that Avalidia was in for one wild ride when she climbed aboard. A prophesy given to her shortly after her arival on the train, forces her set out on a journey across time, battling with sand-pirates, vicious plants, and a mysterious rip in the fabric of time and space. Unraveling mysteries along the way she discovers the world is a much different place then she first thought. But can she fulfill the prophecy it in time? The hourglass is slowly emptying, and time is slipping away through her fingers…

  16. Username: Annie_M_Lupin
    story name: The Looking Glass
    I’d like it to be a girl (teenager would be best) looking into a dark forest. The Forest would have lots of purples and dark greens with mysterious trees and vines. The girl would have her back to the reader, so you wouldn’t see her face. I’d like her to be blond and have a dirty, maybe torn blue dress. It would be really cool if she had a large dagger in one hand. This is an Alice in Wonderland spin off with lots of twists on the classic. (but i couldn’t resist the blue dress)
    Thank you so much for doing cool contests like this! All of your stories are spectacular!

  17. Hey Erin! I’m cutting it a bit close! But here goes!

    Wattpad name: Wendy Hamlet

    Story Title: A Reapers Kiss

    The story revolves around people who are born as “reapers” basically guardians of souls. They are drawn to death, and once they learn how to use their powers, they make sure that the souls of those who just died pass through the veil into whatever awaits them.
    There are reapers that have turned bad (Soul eaters) after discovering that souls can be harvested and used to make themselves more powerful.
    The main character is a female reaper, which is very rare, and they are more commonly known as banshees.
    The story revolves around her discovering what she is, and being taught how to control her abilities by a young reaper.
    The catch is, if a reaper kisses someone, they draw out their soul aka kills them. (so lots of tension in the story!)

    So I don’t know if that sort of gives you an idea of how the cover should look?
    I’ll attach the links to several photos I use for inspiration.

    so basically, something incorporating a blue “soul-like” light, a girl (possibly a boy too)
    I don’t really have a physical description for them yet so it doesn’t really matter!
    (sorry for the super long comment!)

  18. Wattpad name: TheSpadeQueen

    Story title: (its not up yet but…) The Bad Ass Has A Soft Side

    Description: hmmm… how about a girl, with black (my character has dark purple, almost black hair…so if you can manage that…) hair and brown eyes. make her look tough and maybe mean. (like a bad ass!) then a small girl, around ten, with curly strawberry blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes, wearing a dress (preferably blue) clinging on to her shirt.

  19. HEY! hiya! my wattpad user name is AquaCati! (without the exclamation mark:) I haven’t written my story yet, but I have a great
    idea! Its going 2 be called “New Home” and its about a princess (9 yrs and named Sarah) that runs away from home, and her (evil) mom. She gate caught by some slave traders, and escapes with some friends, that go into a forest filed with deadly creatures. All of her friends end up dieting along the way, and she finds a ‘New Home’ in a country on the other side of the forest. Where she meets two kids (a brother and sister) that become her friends, but she changes her name and keeps her identity hidden. hope u like it :DD

  20. Wattpad username: GraceSClarke

    Book Title: Being Recruited

    Cover: A girl with a gun walking towards you. She nay be shown as having tattoos, but not necessary as such. The legs should be exposed. Two photos of guys in the background, facing away from each other. And further in the background, smoke or a blast.

    • Hi again. I changed my mind. I’m a girl, I’m allowed, right? Well, here you go.
      Title: Stephanie Truth: The Awakening

    • Hi again. I changed my mind. I’m a girl, I’m allowed, right? Well, here you go.
      Wattpad: Amazinggirlo
      Title: Stephanie Truth: The Awakening
      Cover: A picture of a girl (Victoria Justice if possible) with a sword in her hand. She needs to have five other kids (all looking about Victoria’s age) with weapons in their hands. I also want there to be a school in the background. Also, can who it’s by be Amazinggirlo & Hintorio in different fonts please? And, this is it, it has to say, “Oh no! He’s out!” THANKS!!!!

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