Hawaiian Vacation: Hurricane Iselle and Julio



Written on August 9th, 2014. Maui, Hawaii.

It’s been an insane couple of months, from interviewing for a full time job and getting a call an hour after I got home asking me to start the next day, to juggling forty hours a week and multiple writing and vlogging groups and still trying to find time to write in between.


So you can imagine how excited I was to go on my first Hawaiian vacation! I pictured myself lying on the beach drinking fruity drinks and getting the perfect tan.

It didn’t exactly work out that way.

The first day my husband and I, like true pasty Canadian tourists, got completely burnt. I mean, there are burns on my burns type of burnt. Ouch. So we spent the next day or so cowering in our air conditioned room, repeatedly applying aloe vera gel.

Eventually the burns had faded, and we were ready to brave the sun again, but that’s when the hurricane warnings started. Hawaii hasn’t had a hurricane since 1992, and now there were two headed our way, Iselle, and fast on her heels, Julio.

I’m sitting here writing this on the evening of the 9th, with the first hurricane behind me. It started on the night of my friend’s wedding, where the DJ paused the music in the middle of the dance and told us we had to wrap things up. The mayor wanted everyone off the roads by nine, since the hurricane was supposed to be on us within the next hour.


It was actually more like five hours, but it did hit us eventually.


I can tell you now, that tropical storms are far scarier than you’d imagine. The wind doesn’t whistle or dance through the trees, it screams. A blood-curdling sound. Like the voices of a thousand furious demons, rattling the windows and crashing branches against the walls.

We’d been warned not to go outside onto the deck, but of course…my husband and I did just that. I lasted about five seconds before I retreated, feeling like I was going to be blown off the balcony and onto the cement roof below.

Now we’re waiting for Julio to hit, and I’ve just heard it’s gained steam. Just waiting to see if our flight will be cancelled or not.

In the meantime, my reading while we’ve been shut in to wait out the storm has been The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making, by Catherin M Valente. I picked it up because so many literary agents said it was one of their favorite books. It really is amazing, so at least if I can’t be on the sunny beaches I can ride the friendly breezes of fairyland on the back of a flying leopard.

I also went on an epic quest for a notebook and pen, because I haven’t had a chance to write in over three weeks, which is a really dreadful feeling. I’m now writing in a notebook with little sea turtles all over it.

It may be the only tropical wildlife I see. Will check in again after Julio strikes.




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