Meet My Villain Blog Hop Contest

In honor of the spooktacular season of Halloween, I’m trotting out the Meet my Villain Blog Hop Contest! It’s a blog hop that is also a contest! Woah! If that didn’t blow your mind than nothing will. Below you’ll find the main blog hop part, and below that are the contest details.

And now, without further ado, something wicked this way comes…




1) What is the name of your villain?
Nurse Daisy.

2) What motivates him/her?
Daisy, along with most of the others at the hospital, is driven by the need to “cure” young witches of their magic.

3) What is the villain’s relationship with the main character?
She both fears and hates Emmaline Black.

4) What is one thing your villain is afraid of? What is their weakness?
Failing. Also, spiders.

5) What is their greatest strength?
Manipulation and sweet talking. She also had a fearsome right hook.

6) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements?
Yes, a secret romance with a certain doctor.

7) List one random fact about your villain.
Nurse Daisy takes great care in her appearance. She won a beauty contest when she was eighteen, though she refuses to admit it to anyone.



Two lucky winners will get a five page critique.

How to enter:

Step One: Subscribe to the newsletter, or follow this blog.

Step Two: Comment below with a short (maximum 150 words) paragraph about your villain.

Step Three: This is optional (no pressure). Make your own “Meet my Villain Blog Hop Contest” using the questions above and tag me, or leave the link in the comments below and I’ll go check it out!

And now the blog hop part! To win more awesome prizes, hop on over to the next “Meet My Villain” blog hopper (and my partner in crime while planning this thing!) Kyra Nelson. If you don’t win a crit from me, you could win a crit from a real live literary intern! Woah!

Note: Contest closes October 31st.

Next stop on the hop:

Kyra Nelson




Ya author and literary intern extraordinaire, Kyra is the next leg of the Meet My Villain Blog Hop Contest.

Check out her blog and enter the second part of the contest HERE.


14 responses to “Meet My Villain Blog Hop Contest

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      • Everyone make way, Colette Labelle is entering this year’s Hunting Derby, and you bet she’s definitely going for the kill… Every year the two rival Hunter teams of the city compete and display their skills in hopes of winning the favour of the metropolis and being nominated the primary hunters, who will have the honour of providing their people with good food. Madame Labelle has never been interested in these petty “man-games”, and a vegetarian herself, she doesn’t care. But when opputunity comes knocking in the form of a shiny invitation to take part, who wouldn’t seize it? It is the perfect time to strike, especially with these newly provided weapons at the mercy of her finger tips. For years Mme. Labelle has been waiting for her know-it-all cousin Jaques Lebeau to step down from the rulership of the Metropolis so she could gain what is rightfully hers. SHE is the oldest, she is fairest, she is the most graceful in the city. What does her cousin have? Wisdom, counsel… Disgraceful. She’d only have to get rid of her pathetic cousin, but when she learns that her M. Lebeau’s wife is pregnant things get more complicated. No matter. She’ll just have to get rid of the whole lot. But will her slowly failing heart allow her to make this sacrifice? Or will she have to find someone else to play puppet master with?

        Arighty, then. That’s my shot at it, sorry that it’s a bit long, and if you couldn’t tell, I’m really inexperienced at writing (I’m not even ‘officially’ a teen yet =P) but I guess that’s all I could do, and I know it’s a little under-plotted and over-worded but no matter it’s all abou practice.

  2. Great idea, Erin, I’m sending other WP villains your way! I’m not SURE if I’m subbed to your newsletter. Something tells me I am. Hm.


  3. The villain in my MG fantasy is a sorcerer who is after the princess’ treasure map. It leads to a powerful artifact that he is willing to kill for, has in fact already killed witches for. He’s devious and conniving. I mean, he’s going up against a twelve-year-old girl!

  4. My villain is a psychotic OCD super fan of 1D, when she is ignored by the band to get rid of one member “five is a bad number.” She takes action. Using the song lyrics from “Little Things” she kills them one by one, collecting little things from them.

  5. This is my entry, about a villain from “The Windcaster”:

    King Asag of Mawlin was the fifth son of King XX. Born to strict values and brutal punishment, Asag grew up expecting the best of everyone and could not abide failure. His terrifying father taught him the lesson for life: when the country’s fate rests upon your shoulders, there is no room for mistakes; that, and a feared man is a powerful man. A slip-up of his stiff upper lip with a young village girl at sixteen resulted in her blackmailing him, and so he put her to death. This convinced Asag people would stab anyone in the back if left to run riot. When his father became ill, he fought his four brothers for the throne, killing two and exiling two. Subsequently he ruled Mawlin with an iron fist, watchful of neighbouring country Dernexes with its bountiful resources and Wind magic – and its ridiculously vulnerable and useless ruler.

    And here’s my “Meet My Villain” post:

  6. Cinaer has always been on the fringes of power, but that has only ever made him desperate for even more. Born to an elite family in a forgotten city in the back-straights of the Realm, he has always had something to prove. Being a Helian Protector – with the power to spark flames at his fingertips and reduce his opponents to ash – has given him a deadly edge, but what he really wants is to rule. To do so, he just needs to keep Roxy and her family onside. It should be simple and probably would have been if Brae hadn’t arrived.

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