Why I Didn’t Read The Selection (And Then Did)


 I read a LOT. Because of this, I can be pretty picky about what I read. So when I kept seeing stuff about The Selection, and hearing it described as “The Bachelor” in a dystopian world, my reaction was somewhere along the lines of “Blech” and also “Ew, WHY?”

Can you tell I’m not a bachelor fan?

So for a long time I stayed away from it, even though it kept popping up in bookstores, and on Goodreads, and in a lot of the book blogs I read. I kept shaking my head and wondering, Why do people like this?

The description comparing it to The Bachelor, a bunch of two star reviews on Goodreads, and the skinny white girl on the cover in a ball gown was enough to turn me away (I’m a bit ball gowned out, to be honest). So when the Word Nerds announced they were going to read it for our monthly book vlog meeting, I reluctantly shuffled to my nearest Chapters bookstore and bought it, begrudgingly sat down and started reading…

…and didn’t stop.

I mean, I didn’t stop to eat, or make dinner for my husband, or really even look up when he got home from work. I didn’t look up when the cat started yelling at me that it was time for her to eat, dang it!

Hey! Hey you!  Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Hey! Hey you! Yeah, I’m talking to you.

I could not put this book down. So this is officially the last time I’m judging a book by its cover, or Goodreads reviews, or my preconceived notions based on my judgement of crappy television reality shows. The Word Nerds will be talking about The Selection in greater detail in the next few weeks, during our live chat, but I couldn’t help but gush a little bit in advance.

I’m not a love triangle person, but Cass knows how to play the strings of your emotions like a violin. Do I love him? Do I hate him? Do I want them to be together? And the drama is more subtle than anything you would see on The Bachelor. Throw in some court politics and attacking rebels, and you have me for life.

I mean, I will admit to enjoying some of the drama, there were a few moments where I was all like, “CLAW HER EYES OUT!” and then I had to make sure no one was around to witness my violent outburst.



3 responses to “Why I Didn’t Read The Selection (And Then Did)

    • I didn’t even know there WAS a TV show! haha. This is one book I wouldn’t want to become a TV show because I feel like they WOULD make it too much like The Bachelor!

  1. I read the series last summer because my friends insisted. I admit that I was hesitant because the cover kind of turned me off but I read it nevertheless and actually enjoyed it, despite not really connecting with America in the second book. hahaha 😀

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