FROST Announcement


Yesterday I hinted to my “secret” FROST facebook group that I would have big news. Then I ran away snickering because I’m cruel like that. But today I finally get to announce it.

FROST has a release date, and a new home. And eventually a new cover.

Pretty much everything is new and exciting, and I’m like some kind of giant magpie over here,  I can hardly contain myself because of all the new, shiny stuff. So without any more ado, or posturing, or flailing, or any of the stuff I love so much…here we go:

FROST will be published by Patchwork Press on September 1st, 2015.

That’s the other big announcement, by the way. I will not be going it alone! Patchwork Press will be launching the FROST series, with at least three books in the series planned.

Here is a bit of an expansion on my statement from the site:

“I`m so excited to make this announcement. And proud. And excited. Okay, mostly excited. I`m so happy to be joining the ladies at Patchwork Press and I look forward to working with them on the launch of the FROST series.

The book started out on Wattpad’s online community, born from a simple question of “What would you like to read next?” propelled by reader`s speculation and suggestions all the while I was writing it. So it only makes sense that it would be championed by a press that is run by readers and writers. By a community.

On Wattpad, the book seemed to explode. I went from 2k readers to 50k in under a year, and the book has racked up over 10 million reads. It’s been years since I’ve updated it, and right now it’s somehow sitting at #15 on the “What’s Hot” list.

As much as it sometimes makes me scratch my head, the answer is always readers. It’s the community. Wattpad readers don’t just love to read, they love to TALK about reading. They get excited. They spread the word about the books they love. I’ve never found a more involved, exciting, encouraging reading and writing community.

And with the upcoming launch, and the support of Patchwork Press, I hope to expand this community even more.”

Check out the rest here.



10 responses to “FROST Announcement

  1. Fantastic stuff!! 1st September is 1st day of Spring in Australia – so it is an awesome day for the publication of Frost. Congratulations Erin, this is just great news.

  2. wow,congrats erin! i’m one of those heavy readers that talk and can’t wait for Flood updates when wattpad doesn’t notify me of the updates haha. this is great news,you totally deserve it, and the books are great.
    One question, are you going to delete the books from wattpad because they are being published, like other authors do,or does it have changes,etc. so it’ll be an “improved version” and you won’t take the original down? ok,hope not,haha. bye,xoxo 🙂

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  4. I can’t wait to read the extras in the book! This will definitely be going onto my ‘To Buy’ list!

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