Hater Gonna Hate (Things That Teen Girls Like)

taylor_swift2Sometimes when I get irritated I listen to “Shake it Off” on repeat, y’know, just to lighten my mood. I’m doing that right now.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss about Taylor is lately, it’s because the singer went up against big company Apple Music and told them (in the most polite open letter in the entire world) that artists deserve to be paid for their work. And holy crap what a NOVEL idea. The best part is that Apple listened, and they changed what they were planning to do. Which, if you’re wondering, was not pay artists for THREE MONTHS (good luck with your rent, suckers)!

But this post isn’t about artists getting paid for their art (believe me you, that’s coming later) what this post is about, is the giant amount of hate that has sprung from this “altercation”. People just LOVE to hate on Taylor Swift. It’s a dogpile over on twitter. People saying she only did it for the money, that’s she’s greedy and vile and only thinks of herself. The thing is, what she did helped thousands of indie artists and small singer/songwriters scrambling to pay for food and rent. But the haters DON’T CARE. They only care about jumping on the hatred bandwagon.

Because that’s what’s popular. We’re allowed to hate Taylor Swift, One Direction and Justin Bieber, because that’s what TEENAGE GIRLS like. We’re allowed to hate Twilight and rip it apart all over the internet, encouraged to. This is a very real thing, so much so that it’s become a big topic. There are blogs about “Things I Hate About Teenage Girls” and “Why You Shouldn’t Hate Teenage Girls”. I mean, WHAT? That blows my mind. How did this become acceptable? How did this become normal?

Why are teenage boys not getting the same hate? Because they’re not. Not even close.


This needs to not be okay anymore. When we see it happening, we need to take a stand. Call people out. Tell them it’s not acceptable. Because every time I come across an entire comment section of vile hatred, I think “Do you really hate Taylor Swift, or have you come here to comment because you know it’s the popular thing to do?”

And there’s something very wrong about that question. Haters gonna hate, but that’s doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it.


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